AntiProxy API Key

You are probably here because you received a message from the bot because you exhausted the hourly API requests limit that is currently set to 150 requests per hour. Note that, as advised in the presentation page of the script, the limit could vary and I can't give any kind of guarantees that it will remain 150req/hr.

Having an API Key disables this limit, allowing you to perform as many requests you want (fair use intended), instead of the 150req/hr that are intended for small servers.

How to obtain a key, then?

Before giving you the details let's make a premise: I created AntiProxy to offer a free service to everyone that has a TeamSpeak server (including me) and is encountering troubles with spammers that uses proxies to reconnect and avoid bans. To do so, I used an API I developed time ago to detect clean IP addresses and not clean ones (proxy/VPN). This API has a cost for me, but it is partly justified because I use that for purposes other than AntiProxy.

The problem is the following: The service is offered for free (with a cap.) mainly because I use it. As it is becoming used by a lot of users in the SinusBot community (almost 2000 downloads), without donations, I can't assure that I could continue to offer this service for free in the future without your support, because the infrastructure has a cost.

Obtaining a key

I want to keep the service for free as long as I can for the small servers (usually less than 100 clients online), but if you exceeded the limit you could consider a one-time donation of 15€ or more, at your choice, that will allow you to get a key with unlimited checks permanently as long as the API is online, it is running since 3 years, and I have no plans of shutting it down in the near future.

Please do not consider this as a service you pay for it, because it is not; I am glad to give a free API key to communities that are non-profit and can not afford to make a donation. Consider the donation as a form of gratitude you make for the work I've done, trust me, it will be really appreciated.

For further details about the API, refer to "External API, Limits & Reliability" section of this post.

If you want to proceed with a donation, here is my PayPal e-mail: [email protected]

If you have any kind of question, here is my e-mail: [email protected]